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MAD #510
Written and illustrated by THE USUAL GANG OF IDIOTS
CULTZONE 2011-07-06
If you`re excited about the Green Lantern movie, you`ll really be glowing over the new issue of MAD Magazine! MAD #510 not only features our full-length spoof of Green Lantern, but also our parody of Pawn Stars! We also stick it to Keith Olbermann, Glen Beck, Katie Couric, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Angry Birds! Looking for more? Well you`re in luck! We also have The MAD Strip Club, Planet Tad!!!!!, Spy vs. Spy and a brand new installment of Sergio Aragones` classic feature The Shadow Knows! So put on your power ring and harness the will power to go out and buy a copy!
  • MAD
  • 56pg.
  • Color


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